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Relationship. Results. Pricing

Our RRP Philosophy

A forward thinking and intelligent approach to problem solving. Let's help you succeed.  

It's all about the way we do things, which is designed to make life easier for our clients and that's just part of our commitment to you. We think it's a privilege to work with our clients and to help them succeed through our sound legal knowledge, wealth of experience and truly dynamic approach to problem solving. 

Let's help you decide why you should choose us

Experience & Expertise

We have the experience, expertise and grit to deliver outstanding results for our individual and business clients regardless of the complexity. You and us become a team from the day you instruct us and we work closely with you to understand and deliver your objectives.

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Our Philosophy

Our philosophy is driven by three key elements - Relationship, Results and Pricing. We value our relationship with you, built on mutual trust and confidence, and we work hard to deliver an outstanding result for you in the quickest time, wherever possible, and in the most cost efficient way. That's where our flexible and highly competitive pricing for every budget comes in. It starts with a Free Consultation          where we discuss your issue and budget, and explore how we can help you succeed.     

Presence & Access

Our head office is based on Fleet Street in the heart of the City of London with a fantastic public transport network, and our North London branch office is located in Enfield. That's not all. We also have a network of meeting centres across London and for your convenience we can arrange a meeting with you at a location closest to you. Our modern and innovative approach means that in most cases we don't need to meet you in person, and you'll have 24 hours access to the progress of your case through our online facilities. How's all that for convenience?

How we communicate with you

We have an unconventional and modern approach to communication so that you can always reach us when you need to. You can reach us by WhatsApp, text message and on social media (LinkedIn and Instagram) from Monday to Friday 9.00am to 7.30pm and on Saturdays 11.30pm to 7.00pm. You can also chat with us on this site at any time and we'll respond within 24 hours if we are offline.

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We act for a divers range of clients from all backgrounds and appreciate that every client is different. This is why we take a unique approach in building a strong relationship and trust with our individual clients. We are proud of our team that's also made up of people from a multicultural background with varying life experiences and you can trust us to understand your journey and to guide you to your destination.  

Ethics & Values

Don't be surprised when we say, a legal solution is not always the answer. Our focus is always to deliver real solutions that work for you and your business, and sometimes that's just a common sense solution; but our legal expertise helps us navigate to that point. This ties to our ethics built around helping our clients spend less on a quick and viable solution rather than spend much more on a drawn out legal process.

As solicitors, we are committed to our SRA regulatory requirements, which includes always acting with integrity and in your best interest. 

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