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[COVID-19 Update] - Changes to our Service Delivery

Advice from the government and how it affects our business.

In light of the recent outbreak of the coronavirus the UK government is set to introduce new laws next week to limit its spread and reduce the rate of infection.

The Reality is That The Virus is Spreading.

Coronavirus Emergency Laws

The government is preparing to introduce emergency laws next week that will include giving the police powers to detain infected people for a limited period and may also include banning large gatherings of sporting, cultural and social events. We would advise that you follow the news daily and pay close attention to developing events from next week including potential school closures. We would also advise that you strictly follow the government's advice on how to protect yourself including the 'stay at home' advice. Read More.

Changes To Our Service Delivery

To protect you and us, and in light of the government's advice, we have put in place a plan that is based on delivering our services remotely. It helps that our business model is already largely built on this idea, and it should result in little or no impact to you.

In the coming weeks and until we receive a different advice from the government, we are temporarily suspending all face-to-face client meetings at our Fleet Street and Enfield offices.

However, our video conferencing, emailing, text messaging, WhatsApp and telephone communication will continue, as usual. Any matter that requires a face-to-face meeting (especially for new enquiries or a consultation) would be done by video conferencing. Our video conferencing is easy to arrange and it only requires you having a computer or a smart phone.

Potential Impact On Your Case

Unfortunately, working remotely in the current climate means that we may be limited to an extent in our service delivery. Whilst we are committed to providing you with an uninterrupted service and maintaining the highest standards, it may take us slightly longer than usual in dealing with certain aspects of your instructions. You may also find that there may be delays on the part of any third parties connected to your case who are also implementing their own measures in dealing with the current health situation. We intend to keep you updated as events unfold. Other than that, it's business as usual!

Lastly, we would advise you to take the necessary steps to keep you and your family protected during this uncertain time. Stay safe! #coronavirus.


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